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The purpose of this site is to impart some good information, and dispel the bad or incorrect information. You will find tips, troubleshooting, and solutions regarding all things Goldline. Your AquaRite, AquaLogic, ProLogic, T-Cells, valves, remotes, displays, etc. I will continue to add to and update this site, as time permits. (I'm a one-woman show so don't expect miracles.) Your suggestions are welcome! Feel free to email me through the link below, with topics you would like to see me cover. They will get priority for your effort. Please use the forum for questions, comments, and testimonials.

I am considered one of the country's experts on all things Goldline, with over 10 years experience. And being a woman, I'm very detail oriented, and I NEVER try to talk over my customers' heads to confuse them or keep them in the dark so they think they need me for EVERYTHING. I LOVE to empower my customers! And I don't like to make decisions for them, unless forced. I prefer to educate them with their options, the pros and cons of each, my experience and my opinion, so THEY can make the imformed decision that is right for THEM. And I believe that being mechanically inclined, blessed with a double dose of common sense, and having a totally logic-driven mind helps to give me an edge. I even have test stations set up to test, troubleshoot, and repair systems.

My apologies in advance. These information only sites will be ad supported, and contain a PayPal donation link to help defray costs, keep me afloat, and pay me slave wages for the time investment and sacrifice of sleep! And you'd be amazed at how many jobs I've "lost" by fixing people's problems over the phone or in writing. My superior customer retention, and wall of thank you cards and unsolicited gift cards is my inspiration to keep helping people and giving out free advice, even though it really hurts my bottom line. You are, of course, under no obligation to send me a penny. But I do ask that if you've found any of my sites useful, and see an ad that peaks your interest, that you "click through" so I can get a penny here and there. Every penny counts! But if you ever see any porn or some other other offensive banner, I would appreciate you letting me know. I have no desire to support such sites. Nothing against them, just don't want to be associated with them!


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