Adding Salt

When adding salt to your pool, the main objective is to dissolve as much of it as possible before the remainder is brushed down the main drain(s). First, either disable your Chlorinator in the Configuration Menu, or preferably go into your Settings Menu and scroll with the right arrow key to Spa Chlorinator (if applicable) and Pool Chlorinator, and after noting the current settings (so you can reset this later), and press the minus key until they are both set to 0%. If you choose to disable the chlorinator in the Configuration Menu, be very careful not to double tap anything or press any other buttons as you could change your system setup and disable a piece of equipment, or it's options. To enter the Configuration Menu press the menu button until it says Configuration Menu. Press the right arrow key to enter the menu where you'll see Chlorinator. Press + to view. Pressing + again while it is displaying Chlorinator Enabled, will disable the chlorinator. Press the Menu button again to get out of the Configuration Menu.

Aqua Rite owners need only push their switch down to Off.

Failure to do this could result in a surge of amps through the chlorinator circuit, and that's not a good thing and could actually cause damage.

Pour the salt around the edge of your concrete/plaster pool (NEVER down the skimmer), and brush it down towards the main drain(s), trying to dissolve as much as possible. Salt is corrosive, you don't want it laying on the surface of your pool for an extended period of time.

Ideally, run the pool for 24 hours straight, and then turn the chlorinator back on. You should be back in business.

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