At the 2008 Goldline Controls Technical Seminar we were asked to inform our customers to use muriatic acid to clean their cell, only as a last resort.

The blades inside the Turbo Cells are coated with a rare and precious metal called Ruthenium. It is a member of the Platinum family. Ruthenium is one of the six rarest elements on earth. The cost of Ruthenium has been driven sky high as it is also in high demand. It is used in electronics such as cell phones, mp3 players, and the like. The rising cost of Ruthenium has driven up the cost of the cells. Each time you acid wash the cell, you remove the top layer of Ruthenium on the blades inside the cell. Once the Ruthenium is gone, the cell is worthless and will cease to function.

Hayward Pool Products (who purchased Goldline Controls several years ago) suggests that customers remove their cell from the plumbing (by unscrewing the unions on both ends of the cell), EVERY TWO TO THREE WEEKS, and hose it out with a good jet nozzle on your water hose. After doing so, hold the cell up to a light source (such as the sun) and wiggle it back and forth. It should be so clean that you can see ALL THE WAY THROUGH the entire cell, clearly seeing all of the blades hanging down. DO NOT STICK ANY FOREIGN OBJECTS INSIDE THE CELL as this may damage your cell and void your warranty. Pay close attention to the side where the cord is attached, it will always have more scale than the other side. Look down inside and back where that cord enters the cell. This is one spot that collects a lot of scale, and can be easily overlooked. Thereís actually a gray collar around where the cord enters the cell. If it doesnít look gray, itís probably because itís caked in scale.

If you cannot remove all of the deposits with water, do a mild acid cleaning. Proper safety gear (rubber gloves, safety glasses, etc) should be worn. Start with four parts water to one part muriatic acid. The cell holds about 5 cups of liquid (on a cleaning stand), so thatís 4 cups of water and one cup of acid. If this solution does not seem to be dissolving all of your deposits (thatís what the bubbling is) within about 20 minutes, you can try a stronger solution of three parts water to one part acid. Do not make a stronger solution than two parts water to one part acid. Do not leave the cell soaking unattended for an extended period of time. The cleaning is complete when the bubbling stops. As soon as it does, the cell should be immediately removed, flushed with clean water, and placed back in line (screwing the unions back onto the cell). Donít forget to look under the cell and connecting plumbing to make sure the unions are secured enough that there are no leaks. The entire cell can be submerged in the acid solution as long as the CONNECTOR on the end of the cord stays clean and DRY. For easier acid cleaning, Pool Emporium Inc also sells cleaning stands.


Psssst... There is no wrong way to attach the cell. It doesnít matter which side the cord is on!